Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Sometimes, I find my mind wandering, thinking
longing thoughts of you.

Night arrives, dawn arises
you are always there, creeping in my dreams.

I am wandering, I dream all night long
sweet and loving thoughts because of you.

When I wake up every sunshine morning, I am still alone.
Alone with daydream of you as before.


[SK] said...

well, at least there is someone who you can dream about.. you are not alone, in your dreams :p

单身汉 said...

You are always on my mind ! :p

Alan said...

sometime i feel good.
sometime i feel very good.
sometime i let myself feel good, important then everything else.

fufu said...

lol it's sucks thinking somebody >< nonetheless take it easy... happy 2010

jiubo said...

No man is an island!
At least you have a dream to look forward to. Be blessed that sun rise sun set see you through everyday.
Cheer up, Wois, my friend.