Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Christmas For Me

24号,十二月, 平安夜。

今年的圣诞节对我来说来得不浓烈。看着商场的装潢美轮美奂,格外吸引人潮夺前一照。昨天晚上十点多走入Sg Wang,看着人潮退去的广场,雪白的布置显得格外孤零。天鹅在台上好像在游荡,东摇西摆,感觉特别寂寞深沉。


No, there won't be Christmas for me this year
For the simple reason being you're not here

There won't be eggnogs by the cozy fire
There won't be glasses of mulled wine either
There won't even be a Christmas tree
'cause you're not here to light it up with me

Oh, Santa honey, won't you bring my baby back to me?
'cause i miss him, yes, i miss him oh so dearly

I haven't sent him his Christmas card
'cause that would mean we really are apart
The Christmas stockings are as empty as my heart

I know you're away doing something good
But just this once, baby, if you could
You know you can, and you know should
'cause Christmas won't be Christmas...

without you

Two days to Christmas and i'm still waiting outside
Wishing upon a star that you'll be coming home tonight
But it was cold, it was getting late
Sadly, i crept back into bed
But then i felt a soft kiss on my cheek
I opened my eyes, and there my baby was...

with me!

My baby came back for me
Merry Christmas, baby

平安夜,愿大家平安。Merry Christmas。


单身汉 said...

平安夜平安, 圣诞快乐.

fufu said...

hohohohoho... you are not alone... anyway merry christmas =p enjoy the holiday ya

thomas said...


[SK] said...

你就是終日多愁善感的, 哪裡會感到節日的氣氛, 哪裡會快樂?? 新的一年, 要好好對自己了.. :)

Chris Chia said...

Merry Christmas~

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