Monday, October 12, 2009


This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, who I promised write a poem to him once before. Wish him can find his true love soon.

xxx xxx xxx

This world is so cold
let the pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul.

I have loved, lost and lived,
How do I trust to love again for all in my past?

I cry a silent tear , never going to dry up
In the empty room, as alone makes me shudder.

I am waiting everynite about my dream comes true
I wonder, but it would not be true, I trumble.

When I wake up from the nite, silent night, my soul cleanse me of smile
the memory entwined forever in a hopeless wish.

That is the fate, fate of past
But I am willing to wait.


Grass said...

I guess your friend will not feel cold with your warm dedication of the poem.....

[SK] said...

but this is written to your friend from your own perspective right?? maybe you should write something more motivated fro him instead?

Vincent Cho said...