Monday, September 24, 2007

Lost You

The time was coming so near,
Memory goes back.
Tears still falling,
Melting a path to my heart
Today I still recall.

I couldn’t catch my breath
Heart is aching,
I am wondering why everything is taken

How many days now have passed me by?
I tremble.

How long my heart has died on the sunset,
like there is no light anymore on the next day.

Watching the time tuck you in my memories
Yelling for you with no reply
From my cliff of sorrow.

I fall.
No need your love to continue living.

I will be entering to the place where
I saw the beautiful sunset while
On the road we passed through.

Remembered you in my heart.
That is becoming a story,
yesterdays story without

12.03 26/8/7
(This poem is dedicated to who i had ever missed before)


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