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今天是泼水节,俗称宋干(สงกรานต์ ,Songkran),是傣族和德昂族最盛大的传统节日。傣语称新年为Pi Mai,泼水节为 songkran。每年傣历六月作为一年的起始,大约是华人清明后的一个星期,即阳历的四月十三至十六。所以泼水节是傣历年新旧交替的标志。节日一般持续3至7天。第一天傣语叫“麦日”,与农历的除夕相似;第二天傣语叫“恼日”(空日);第三天是新年,叫“叭网玛”,竟为岁首,人们把这一天视为最美好,最吉祥的日子。节日清晨,傣族男女老少就穿上节日盛装,挑着清水,先到佛寺浴佛,然后就开始互相泼水,互祝吉祥、幸福、健康。

Songkran源自梵文,意为转运。傣族相信,太阳转入黄道星座中的第一宫,牡羊宫,当天代表了一年的开始,也称Maha Songkran。


今年又一个人在沙巴庆祝。祝自己新年快乐。สวัสดีปีใหม่" (sawatdee pi maï).

Today is the Songkran Festival, the biggest celebration of Siamese. Songkran originated in Sanskrit as “pass or move forward”, has a astrological definition of Sun movement from one zodiac sign to another. When movement changes from Pisces to Aries, it is specially called Maha Songkran. Song-kran period generally are the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April each year, specifically named Maha Songkran Day, Nao Day and Lerng-sok Day respectively. Each region in Thailand may have different name of each day and different festive celebration depending on local belief.

Since the ancient time, it has been a strong superstitious belief about Songkran festival. Each year, prediction is made after the announcement of Songkran Goddess’s name. As a country of agriculture, prediction will focus mainly on rain and water for agriculture, which results on crop harvesting outcomes.

During Songkran festival, there are traditional cultural activities which are, before Songkran Day, people will clean their houses, utensils, and tools to welcome all the good things for new year to come. In addition, preparation for making merit, generally to Buddha’s monks, is very common at this period.

On Songkran Day, there is usually an early merit making by offering foods and things to monks, unleash birds and fishes ( as another mean of making merits), praying for the dead relatives, watering Buddha image, etc. Water splashing is one of the famous afternoon activities.

Songkran also conveys another meaning of Thai social values. It is the time when all family members get together, more or less like Thanksgiving, due to the very traditional way of Thai lifestyle. During this special family reunion, the younger will water the elder and elderly to pay respect and gratitude, and will receive blessing in return.

This year I will be celebrating alone again. Wish all Siamese Happy Songkran.


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