Saturday, September 23, 2006

Indifferent heart

I m leaving the deepest footprint on the ground
which I have past through.
Please carry me to leave
my lonely world.

All alone I have started my journey,
But summer of my life came so fast.
I am leaving nothing now.

No more darkness I know or not,
The smiling faces pass through made me
more melancholic, more
sorrow and pain.

I traded my freedom from your sweetness.
But today I still recall.
I am leaving nothing, but my loved.

I look back at the roads I have been walking.
I smile and gratify then. Sure
I sad as well… too much footprints have been left behind.
I m not crying, but
my tear is flowing on my
pity face
repulsed my griefness.

14/8/06 19.38

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