Monday, August 14, 2006


Is very sweet when walking beside you .
Even now while my longing heart is breathing,
Oh, how happy I am then
There is no sorrow, there is no pain.
But my heart is still an empty without hugging.
I still recall the memories I have.

Suddenly I feel alone again,
walking through the green fields,
You are leaving.
I see, you are going to leave me again.

I leave with Thank you,
to accompany my lonely. I m becoming
alone again.

Donde voy, my feeling.
Donde voy, my desire.

I m mirthful because
Sunshine still in my eyes.
I smile.

20.06 14/08/06


凡奇 Frankie said...

wow, you can write English poem as well....

Wois said...

why not? i m not poor in english...... but my mandarin is better than my english. hehehe!!! pai seh!

凡奇 Frankie said...

so good.

Wois said...

no lah. where got?